Vikings vs Rams Preview

Vikings vs Rams on Thursday Night Football. I feel disrespected.

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This was supposed to be a game between the two best teams in football.  When they released the schedule, I was pissed off that they scheduled this game for Thursday Night.  I didn’t want to hear the Thursday Night excuses.  I didn’t want to hear the Vikings are traveling to LA on a short week excuse.  I wanted this game on Sunday night on National Television.  I wanted the Rams to MURDER the Vikings on Sunday night for the world to see.  I honestly feel disrespected by the NFL.  The best team in football shouldn’t have to play on Thursday Night.

But you know what, I’m GLAD this game is on Thursday.  I’m glad we can just get this game over with.  The Vikings lost to the Bills last weekend.  I can’t believe I thought the Vikings were the best team in football.  I am such an idiot.  You know what good teams do?  They take care of business at home.  They don’t lose to shitty teams led by a rookie QB.  I don’t care who you’re playing.  Do you see the Rams losing to shitty teams? No, the Rams are MURDERING teams.  That’s just what good football teams do.

You know why I’m so confident?

1. I know, no Talib and no Peters tonight.  Am I worried about Diggs and Thielen?  No, why should I?  Suh, Donald, and Brockers are going to eat Corny Kirk alive.  He won’t even have time to get the football to them.  The Vikings line got hammered by the Bills last weekend.  What are they doing to do vs the best d-line in football?

2. The Rams are going to be rocking these fuckin bad boys tonight. The best uniform in football.  Under the lights in these uniforms in LA?!?!  Like my boy, Craig Cyer once told me, “Look good, feel good, play good.”  I can’t wait til the Rams go with these full time.  Look at these GQ mfers.


3.  C’mon…who you rolling with?  Zimmer or McVay?


Prediction:  Rams 31- 17.  EASY.

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