Sideline Story Thursday: US Men’s 4×100 Freestyle at the 2008 Olympics

It’s not over til its over …

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Introducing you to the first ever Sideline Story Thursday.  Every Thursday we’re going to come at you guys with an iconic moment from the past. Please don’t cry.

US Men’s 4×100 freestyle race at the 2008 Olympics

My first Sideline Story Thursday goes to the US Men’s 4×100 freestyle relay race team.  Yes, you read that right.  The 2008 Olympics in Beijing was FFFFFUUUUUEEEGOOOO.  Michael Phelps chasing the all-time gold medal record.  USA vs a cocky ass French Team.  The French lead the entire race.  The ENTIRE RACE.  No one believed the US would come back.  Just listen to the commentators!  But guess what m’fers, we did it.  Talk about a comeback!!!  Are you fuckin kidding me?!?!?  Goosebumps CITY!

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