Anthony Davis to the Lakers is a Done Deal

Anthony Davis signing with Rich Paul just set up his move to Hollywood

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Anthony Davis to the Lakers.  It’s a done deal.  If not next year, the year after.  It’s done.  He signed with Rich Paul and Klutch Sports. The same Klutch Sports ran by Lebron James that represents Lebron James.

Where and when can I get my Davis/Lakers jersey?

Lebron seems excited to welcome Anthony Davis to the family.  The family huh?  Does he mean the Lakers/Klutch family?

Davis signing with Klutch matters.  This stuff maters.  A player’s agent matters.  Just take a look at the Lakers.  The Lakers took care of KCP (Klutch Guy) last year by paying him $18 MILLION and $12 MILLION this year!!!! He wasn’t going to get that money anywhere else.  It wasn’t the reason they signed Lebron but it definitely helped. Lakers are a Klutch team now.

D’angelo Russell and Julius Randle?  Two guys the Lakers screwed.  Both repped by Aaron Mintz of CCA.  You know who else is repped by Aaron Mintz?  Paul George. This stuff matters.  The Lakers vs CCA thing is real (Lakers have ZERO CCA guys on their roster).  It’s a huge reason Paul George didn’t sign with the Lakers.  According to a source I spoke to, he described CCA’s role as “impactful” in the Paul George situation.

AD is eligible for the Super Max Deal.  A 5-year deal that is projected to be worth $230 million, which would be the largest contract in NBA history.  Why would AD switch agents if he was going to sign the Super Max Deal?  Why do you need a new agent to do that?

Let’s take a look at some of the quotes from AD on Media Day:

Davis said the move was aimed primarily at helping him become the “the most dominant player in the league.”

How do you become the most dominant player in the league by switching agents?  I’m kind of confused.  But I know you can’t become the most dominant player in the league playing in New Orleans.  You just can’t.  It doesn’t matter how good you are.  You don’t have enough nationally televised game for people to consider you the most dominant player in the league.  The Pelicans have 20 nationally  televised games this year.  The Lakers?  43!!!!  More than half their games are on National Television! #LebronEffect

“It was just for where I am right now in my career — what I’m trying to do — I thought the change was necessary,”

Remember Kevin Garnett in Minnesota?  He spent his first 12 seasons with the Timberwolves, only once advancing past the first round.  He wanted to win so BADLY in Minnesota he stayed five years longer than he should have.  After agreeing to a trade to the Celtics, he finally won a Championship.  According to Paul Pierce, Garnett’s only regret?

Do we want the same thing for Anthony Davis?  Do we want AD to waste his prime taking his team to the first round every year?  I know I don’t and I know Anthony Davis doesn’t.  Here’s a quote from AD to Rachel Nichols about comparing his situation to Garnett’s situation:

“When you hear that, it makes you think. Not gonna lie. It makes you think, because you’re wondering if you’re following in that same path. But then again, you’re like, oh, this year could be the year. You don’t know. So, you’ve just got to take it year-by-year and just see, see where the team is going, what direction they want to go to and just see where their head is.”


Another SNEAKY reason why he’s leaving New Orleans for Los Angeles?  Try to think of who’s next in line for a shoe deal with Nike (after Giannis).  Every player wants their own shoe deal.  Why doesn’t Anthony Davis have his own shoe deal yet?  Is it because he’s in New Orleans?  Probably.  Does he get his own shoe if he’s in LA? 100% no question.  You know what guarantees AD a shoe deal with Nike?  Playing with Lebron in Los Angeles.  Oh and guess what else comes with that shoe deal?  A role in Space Jam 2.

We’ll hear the Anthony Davis to the Lakers talk throughout the NBA season.  Anthony Davis wants to go to the Lakers and he’ll eventually end up in Hollywood.  It’s not a question of if, but a question of when.  I’ll leave you with this clip from Jalen Rose.

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