Week 4: 5 Games to Watch

Here are five games at five different time slots and a bonus game for good measure.

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Once College Game Day has finished and Lee Corso dons a duck mask or starts dancing with the Stanford tree, its time to decide what football games are worth watching.

Here are five games at five different time slots and a bonus game for good measure.

1. (23) Boston College  -7 at Purdue                ESPN 2 12:00 pm ET

BC goes to West Lafayette looking to prove its top 25 ranking. If Purdue doesn’t win is Jeff Brohm going to make it the entire season? The line is only 6.5 BC against an 0-3 Purdue team.

2. (22) Texas AM (22) at (1) Alabama  -26      CBS  3:30 pm ET

Alabama is projected to win big no surprise here, but can the AM offense put up some points against this Bama defense? Texas AM didn’t disappoint against Clemson and their NFL ready defensive line.

3. (17) TCU -3 at Texas                                         Fox 4:30 pm ET

UT beat USC last week but will they put together two good weeks? Predicted to be a low scoring game, TCU is the favorite with a more explosive offense. Texas has a 1-5 record against TCU since they have joined the Big-12(ouch). TCU is coming off a loss against OSU.

4. (7) Stanford -2 at (20) Oregon                      ABC 7:00 pm ET

On paper the best game of the day and it’s not even close. If the PAC-12 wants to keep playoff hopes alive they need a Stanford win. Also, how lucky is Oregon that Willie Taggart is no longer their coach, instead he is destroying the storied FSU program.  Another Heisman hopeful in RB Love looks to put up some highlights on national TV. Should be the best uniform matchup of the night.

5. ASU vs (10) Washington  – 17.5                    ESPN 10:30 pm ET

Pac-12 after dark has a compelling case for best time-slot of the day. You’ve lost all your bets for the day, you are at a bar, and you need Washington to cover. Washington is down at halftime, so you double down on your bet, what could go wrong?

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