NBA Twitter vs NFL Redzone

NBA Twitter and NFL Redzone…my two loves in life

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Games can be consumed on many different platforms today, and football and basketball fans have found their niche. NBA Twitter is 24/7 365, while RedZone is only 17 Sundays during the year (they play sweet music in the off-season).

Sports content consumption is at an all time high and fans have an insatiable thirst. Nightly Sportscenter no longer quenches it. In today’s media, speed kills.  These two platforms define the modern fan. Whether it is highlight reel dunks that can be seen on your timeline, or scoring drives from games across the country, people want in game updates in real-time.

Both mediums provide instant visuals and clever commentary. RedZone has Scott Hanson with his distinct voice, dope music and ability to manipulate multiple television screens for the viewer at home. The juggling act is impressive. This idea launched in 2009 and has grown in popularity since. If your NFL team isn’t playing at the time, NFL RedZone is the spot to get not only a pulse on the league, but important updates for your fantasy teams, and track big bets from the weekend. While NBA twitter will pass important game information to its followers, it has separated itself with ridiculous highlights meshed with memes/burns/breaking news.

The NBA has crowd-sourced their information via NBA twitter during games and even during the off-season with WOJ-BOMBs.  (Are you really an NBA fan if you don’t have notifications on? ) NBA Twitter developed organically from the ridiculousness that is the NBA and everything associated with it. If a player is dunked on look no further than Rob Perez and @World_Wide_Wob literally burying the player and adding him to the graveyard. Don’t get crossed over or you’re about to get retweeted for the foreseeable future. Many sports commentators live tweet during action like Bill Simmons. NBA twitter owns social media in game commentary.

RedZone entices all generations, as old men love the channel as much as the younger sports fans. How many conversations at work have started at the water cooler because someone saw a random team on the RedZone channel throw an interception in the RedZone?  Most sports bars will have a channel dedicated to it. This channel not only gives the people what they want(scoring plays inside the 20 yard line), but plays to degenerate gamblers a burgeoning market. With 3 different time-slots for NFL games on Sundays, Redzone found its niche.( How can an NFL fan watch all the games at once?) A true fan won’t change from their team playing on Sunday, but during other time-slots there is no reason to not watch the most exciting 20 yards in football.

Sports fans attention spans are shrinking. RedZone and Twitter are growing. Whether it is cracking a cold beer and lounging hungover on a Sunday morning for a day full of football or at a sports bar on a Wednesday night to watch some NBA, the NBA and NFL game experience has evolved.

For in-game action, the NFL RedZone is unsurpassed.

For entertainment, NBA twitter is undefeated.

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