635 days to Victory and the start of the Baker era

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Here at Sideline Story we hope to always be as transparent as possible and I have to announce regretfully, I did not see last night’s Browns win. The last play I remember was the field goal made by our new and perfect rookie kicker (2-2) Greg Joseph. Zane Gonzalez, our former kicker missed 4 attempts that cost the team eight points and we lost the game by three. Any kicker is a breath of fresh air after the first two weeks. Joseph was able to closeout Baker’s first drive with a converted FG on his first ever attempt.

635 days, or 1.74 years, or 15,240 Hours, or 914,400 minutes, or 54,864,000 seconds since the last time I could have said that my favorite NFL team won a game and that one was not even very pretty.

From the start it did not seem like Tyrod Taylor believed in his ability to produce. It is very rare to see a NFL QB start a game 0/6 (the first time in his career), left the game mid-way through the second quarter with a concussion finishing with a stat line of 4/14, 19 yards, and 22 on the ground on 4 attempts (earned 22 on one play, but SACKS). The announcers were calling for Baker just about as soon as the crowd was, and he did not disappoint.

I am very nervous about Baker behind this line. I believe if Baker would have been drafted a year or two earlier, Joe Thomas would still be on the roster and have the belief that we were moving forward. Although it was great to see him in the booth, I would much rather see the greatest Brown in my lifetime holding down a suspect offensive line. Baker came to play and barring any injury, I cannot see a scenario in which he wouldn’t start the remaining 13 (at the least) games this season. The stat line is not the thing that stands out most about what happened last night. The mood of the entire team changed immediately when Baker checked in. The missed deep ball Tyrod threw to Callaway killed the spirits of all interested parties of the Browns and he had the nerve to BLAME CALLAWAY for a painfully under thrown pass. Everyone saw Baker on the sideline with his helmet on and we just waited.

First pass, BANG. It changed everything. I do not want to analyze deeply the performance because he did not start and the line was abysmal. Jarvis Landry averaged 12.9 yards a catch, HOW?!?!?! Baker Mayfarve, that’s how. Next week is when I will deep drive his performance. The defense, they are good and they are young and I am unsure if there is any debate. Denzel Ward looks like the rookie of the year and Myles looks like a freak. I do not want to get ahead of myself but the way the defense is causing havoc through turnovers is such a beautiful thing to see.

Now we may have a quarterback to turn takeaways into points. We actually won a game, now where do we go from here? PLAYOFFS?!?!?

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