Top 10 NBA moments of the 2000’s

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Roll the tape

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We do not remember days, we remember moments – Unknown

My list of Top 10 NBA moments of the 2000s. A lot of Laker moments but I guess that’s what happens when you dominate a decade

10. Malice at the Palace: Pistons vs Pacers (2004)

It’s too bad NBA twitters wasn’t alive yet.  Can you imagine that?  List of guys that were involved: Ben Wallace, Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson, and Jermaine O’Neal.  Those are 4/5 ALL TIME DARK ALLEY NBA TEAM!  Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson are terrifying together…except on the BIG3 court.

PS:  My 2019 NBA Dark Alley Team:  PG: Patrick Beverly SG: Tony Allen SF: Lance Stephenson PF: James Johnson C: Zach Randolph (1st ballot All Dark Alley Team HOFer).

9. Vince Carter dunks over Frederic Weiss (2000)

I know this was in the Olympics but this was absolutely bananas.  He literally JUMPED over a 7 footer.  I loved Vince Carter at the 2000 Olympics.  Grew his hair out and wanted to fight everybody there.  Eff you Vince Carter was so much fun.  Who else had this poster hung up on their wall?  Slamup from SLAM magazine.  Shout out to SLAM Magazine.

8. Tracy McGrady 13 points in 33 seconds vs Spurs (2004)

Unreal.  So many GIF faces.

7. Lebron vs Detroit in the Eastern Conference Finals (2007)

48 points, scored his team’s final 25 points to secure a double-overtime Game 5 win Detroit.  Lebron God Mode.  Unstoppable.

6. Derek Fisher 0.4 shot vs Spurs (2004)

One lucky shot deserves another

5. Robert Horry game winning shot vs Kings (2002)

RIP Kings.  Ballgame.  Why didn’t Vlade just grab the ball?

4. Kobe’s 81 vs Raptors (2006)

81 fuckin points.  Miss you, Bean.

3. Allen Iverson step over Tyronn Lue (2001)

The disrespect.  The Sixers beat the Lakers in Game 1 of the 2001 finals.  The only loss in the playoffs for the Lakers that year.  This team dominates the 2018 Golden State Warriors team.

2. Vince Carter Slam Dunk Contest (2000)

The best Slam Dunk Contest performance EVER.  It’s over!!!!! It’s over ladies and gentlemen!!!! Let’s go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Kobe Oop to Shaq vs Blazers (2000)

A top 3 moment in my life.  No doubt about it.

What did I miss?

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