NBA Trade Machine-a-palooza: Jimmy Butler Edition!


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Well that was fun.  It only took Jimmy Butler ONE season to hate KAT and Andrew Wiggins.  According to SOURCES, Karl Anthony-Towns won’t resign with the T-wolves til after the Jimmy Butler situation is resolved (aka traded).

According to Shams,

There’s been a lot of uncertainty around Jimmy Butler all summer. He hasn’t been back to Minnesota. This is going to be a telltale week for him. Very much so, I’m told, this a last-ditch meeting for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Tom Thibodeau, and how they respond and how Jimmy responds to it will be interesting.

Karl-Anthony Towns, who’s one of the top talents in the league, has yet to sign his rookie max extension, which should be a no-brainer. And I’m told there won’t be any decision on that until this Jimmy Butler situation resolves itself.

Butler can become an unrestricted free agent next summer.  And if letting Butler leave is required to keep Towns long-term, it’d be better to trade Butler now rather than letting him walk for nothing next off-season.

So let’s take a look at five trades that make sense and are WOJ BOMB level (I’m still 70% sure Butler and Kyrie are going to the Knicks next year):

Trade 1:  Josh Jackson and Tyson Chandler for Jimmy Butler


I know I know, why would Phoenix trade Josh Jackson for a year of Jimmy Butler?  I hate to use this but look what OKC did!  They just kept Paul George in OKLAHOMA CITY!!!  PG and Jimmy Butler don’t seem like the same kind of guys but if you’re Phoenix….why not take a swing and try to get a Top 15-20 guy in the league?

Booker, Butler, and Ayton is fun (or Butler – Wiggins – KAT 2.0)!  You’re taking a huge chance but HEAR ME OUT:


Kyrie – Booker – Jimmy – Bridges – Ayton for the next 5 years together?!?!?

Holy shit, did I just fix the Suns with one trade?  You’re welcome Tomi Kraft.  I  love this trade for Phoenix.

And if you’re Minnesota you move forward with a KAT – Wiggins – Jackson trio……Obviously not good enough but that’s what you get for paying Wiggins.  Wiggins and Jackson out on the wing together sounds exciting?  Minnesota probably doesn’t make the playoffs with this team.  Oh well.

TRADE 2: Jimmy Butler for CJ McCollum


We’re all sick of this but let’s say Portland FINALLY DECIDES TO blow it up and hit the reset button.  I can’t believe I am saying this but Kevin Durant is right, Portland is never winning with a Lillard – McCollum backcourt.

Portland probably says no to this – but this is fun to think about.  Dame time and Jimmy Buckets in the same backcourt?  BRING ON STEPH AND KLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know for a fact that Dame thinks he is better than Steph and Jimmy Butler thinks he’s better than Klay.  Who wins 2 vs 2 to 21?

McCollum, KAT, and Wiggins?  You prob give up 200 points a game with that lineup but that’s why you have the TIMBERBULLS LEAD BY THIBS!!!!!!!!

If Minnesota adds a non-protected future first…does Portland say yes????? hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Trade 3:  Kyle Kuzma and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope for Jimmy Butler

Let’s say Ingram takes the leap this year.  Let’s say the Lakers are close at the All Star Break and feel like they can make a run at it this year.  Do they just say, “eff it let’s go for it this year?”  Probably not because Durant is going to sign with the Lakers next season.  But let’s say they do…….

They can offer a package built around Kuz and one of the guys on a one year contract (except KCP cause he’s a Klutch guy) for Jimmy Butler

Crunch time you roll with Lonzo – Hart – Butler – Ingram – Lebron?  All 6-5 or taller and you switch everything on defense.  Call me effin crazy but that five can match-up with any other 5 in the league including Golden State.

If you’re the Wolves you know you’re losing Butler this off-season.  You might not get a better offer than this.  Kuz and KAT as your 4-5.  That has potential for a cool front-court nickname.

Trade 4:  Robert Covington and Markelle Fultz for Jimmy Butler 



The Sixers should have made it to the Eastern Conference Finals last year.  They were better than Boston.  Let’s say Simmons and Embiid take another jump this year (which is absolutely terrifying to think about) and you add Jimmy Butler to that team?  Why wouldn’t Philly do this?  Seriously?

Minnesota rolls with Fultz (who can hopefully still play basketball), Wiggins, and KAT for the next 10 years…..

Wait, this trade feels like it makes too much sense.  But the Sixers passed on Kawhi for Fultz and Covington, right?

TRADE 5:  Otto Porter for Jimmy Butler and Tyus Jones


All of a sudden Washington looks fuckin good with this trade!  I’m not sure how a Wall, Beal, Butler, and Dwight locker room works but they can try to figure it out.  If Washington makes this trade their playoff rotations is Wall, Beal, Jimmy, Oubre, Morris, Howard, Austin Rivers, and Jeff Green?  Something like that?  In the East?  ITS NOT THAT BAD!  That team can contend in the East, I think?  I would love to be in a locker room with these group of guys.  This might be another guns in the Washington locker room situation.

For Minnesota: You get Otto Porter for 4 years at $107 million – LOL

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