My fandom is a JOKE by Killian Pender

Lifelong Browns fan Killian Pender tells us how he really feels about the Browns.

One comment

This team is destined to be a mess.

Honestly, I do not even need to do any reading to put this together. This has been the worst possible start to the season that we could have had. I suppose that many would disagree because each game was “close” but did anyone ACTUALLY think we would win? If we had an average coaching staff and an average kicker we would be 2-0. If we had an above replacement quarterback, coaching staff, and kicker we would be 2-0 with two blowout wins and moving up everyone’s Power Rankings.

In week 1 we forced 6 turnovers and scored 7 point in 3.5 quarters of play, pitiful. The defense truly has talent and has played well in each game. Despite, cutting a starting linebacker right before the season. Denzel Ward who was on a freaking milk carton during Hard Knocks (even though we had to see a 10 minute segment on a backup QB and girlfriend that no one thought was making the team) even though he was the fourth pick in the draft made his regular season debut with two INTs against Big Ben. Garrett was borderline dominant and I am excited to see a full season. Josh Gordon made a spectacular TD catch that at the time I could only think what the rest of the season would hold as he got in shape and in rhythm. The play calling was terrible especially late. I refuse to do any research but the number of runs on first down is ridiculous. Lombardi made a throwaway comment in the preseason about how good teams do not simply run on first and 10 each series, well we ain’t good then.

Despite all of that we did tie the game coming back from 14 down in the fourth, and again fooled me into believing. Not only could we not score in OT we missed a kick that unfortunately a sign of things to come…

Now yesterday…. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FREAKING KIDDING. First Ballot Hall of Famer Drew Brees could not do anything throughout that game. BUT, even though freaking Ryan Fitzpatrick basically put up a 50 burger on the Saints defense our offense remained stagnant. I nearly gave up on the team when on a fourth and short at midfield we ran the ball to nowhere. We kept it close and on what should have been our first of two game winning drives Tyrod took a fourth and five OVER THE FREAKING TOP to the end zone to Callaway who I believe is just too similar to Josh Gordon both on and off the field. Of course, the guy that does not throw picks THROWS A PICK, because Browns.

Again, the freaking kicker. This guy has one job, I cannot believe they even allowed him back on the plane. I am disgusted, truly disgusted. I would rather get smoked twice in a row instead of a tie and a nasty loss. Sometimes I start to believe that this team is truly cursed and I am far beyond the point of feeling like any of this is an exaggeration. I really want to believe there is a way to turn this around and now we have a Thursday night game and good lord, we are favorites. Stay away from this game bettor or call a gambling addiction hotline because you have a problem.

Probably means nothing to the team but I’ll say it anyhow; onward and upward!

1 comments on “My fandom is a JOKE by Killian Pender”

  1. 1) Before the season any browns fan would be happy with an 0-1-1 record against Big Ben and the saints.

    2)The Browns have the 11th ranked defense and a very good defensive line. They are facing a bad jets o line with a rookie QB on a short week.


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