My 4 burning questions for the 2018-2019 NFL season

Where did all the 1st round Wide Receivers go?

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1.  Can a real 1st round WR please stand up? 

Here’s a list of the 26 WRs drafted in the first round since 2012.  In 2011 AJ Green, Julio Jones, and Jonathan Baldwin were drafted in the first round, poor Jonathan Baldwin.

2012: Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright, AJ Jenkins


2013: Deandre Hopkins (Check out the 2012 Clemson team: Deandre Hopkins, Sammy Watkins, Martavis Bryant, Adam Humpheries, Jaron Brown, and Andre Ellington…ok wow) and Cordaralle Patterson (THE VIKINGS LET HIM WEAR NUMBER 84!!! THE DISRESPECT)

2014: Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, Odell Beckham, Brandin Cooks, and  Kelvin Benjamin

2015: Amari Cooper, Kevin White (RIP), DeVante “year away from being a year away” Parker, Nelson Agholor, Breshad Perriman, and Phillip Dorsett

2016: Corey Coleman, Will Fuller, Josh Doctson, Laquon Treadwell

2017: Corey Davis, Mike Williams, John Ross.  I still believe in these 3 guys, gulp.

2018: DJ Moore and Calvin Ridley: TBD

I mean how many no shit he is a legit WR1/top 15 guy do we have out of that group?  Odell, Hopkins, and maaaaaayyyyybeeeeee Mike Evans????  Who will stand up or show potential as a WR1 this year from the 2017/2018 class?

It kills me not to include Brandin Cooks in that group…..

2.  Who’s in and Who’s out?


Last year’s playoff teams:

AFC: Pats, Steelers, Jags, Chiefs, Titans, Bills

NFC: Eagles, Vikings, Rams, Saints, Panthers, Falcons

The Bills are maybe winning three fucking games this year so they’re automatically disqualified.

Teams that will/have a CHANCE TO get in:

AFC:  Pats, Steelers, Jags, Chiefs, Titans, Chargers, Texans, Ravens

(The AFC is 3 moves/injuries away from being called the Eastern Conference of the NBA)

NFC: Eagles, Vikings, Rams, Saints, Panthers, Falcons, Packers, Bears, Cowboys, 49ers (The 49ers have so much hype, I hope they go 4-12).

So out of that group, who’s in and who’s out?  Going to guarantee only half these teams make the playoffs and I will look like an idiot.

3. Is this the year Brady and the Pats start to fall?


I don’t even have energy/time for this.  They’ll win the worst division in ALL OF SPORTS.  BUT….is this the year we finally see the decline of Brady and the Pats?  Remember that ass whooping the Chiefs put on Brady 3 years ago on MNF?!? And the HE’S DONE talk?!?  I am ready for that to be reality AND THIS IS THE YEAR IT STARTS.  It’s been a good run, Thomas.  Walk into the sunset with your UGGs.

4.  How many games before Hue Jackson gets fired?


Hue Jackson is +500 to be the first coach fired.  THAT IS FREE MONEY.  1-31 in the past two years.  I bet Steve Kerr would’ve gone at least 16-16 with that team.  Absolutely ridiculous that he is still the coach.  Here’s the Browns schedule for the first 7 weeks:

Week 1: vs Steelers:  Division game so they have a chance but they’ll lose

Week 2: vs Saints:  Getting absolutely blown out

Week 3: vs Jets: Thursday night football.  Why does the NFL do this to us

Week 4: vs Raiders: Hue’s revenge game but will probably lose.

Week 5: vs Ravens: hmmmmmm maybe?

Week 6: vs Chargers: No, automatic L


I have Week 3 circled.  If they start 0-3 the Browns better fire him.  If he survives that (he survived 1-31) then it’s after Week 7.

I’m officially calling this the “Loser Fires their Coach on the Bus Game.”  Bucs fire Koetter if they lose OR Browns fire Hue if they lose.  Guessing the line for that game: Browns +2.5

Bonus question:  What if Aaron Rodgers never won that Superbowl in 2011? 

Divisional Round - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys

It’s crazy what ONE Super Bowl early in your career can do for you.  But what if he didn’t win that Super Bowl?

Joe Flacco: 10 wins 5 losses. 1 Super Bowl

Aaron Rodgers: 9 wins 7 losses. 1 Super Bowl

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?  It’s close, but Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the NFL.

List of girls Aaron Rodgers has dated or is dating: Olivia Munn, Erin Andrews, Danica Patrick, Kelly Robarch.


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